A Lil Bit O Anime

An anime podcast by anime fans for all that enjoy anime at any capacity! From the recent enthusiast to the seasoned Otaku, they have just what you need.

Adventures Of The Black Nerds Podcast

The Adventures of the Black Nerds is a weekly podcast hosted BaronJ67 & xTjones. They discuss the worlds of Sci Fi & Fantasy from a black POV. We are into everything, Video games, Anime, Manga, Movies and everything else Cool about being a Nerd.

Afroclectic Podcast

Afroclectic Podcast is hosted by a group of young African American geeks who love to talk about anything from Video Games, Pop Culture and Anime, to Music, Science, Art and much more!

Alt Arc Podcast

ALTARC PODCAST is an anime podcast hosted by cosplayer and mistress of mayhem: @moodysenpaii.

Amerime Junkies

We discuss everything that’s nerd culture. From video games, anime, comics, manga, and movies and everything in between. Come fly with us we don’t know where we’re going but we know it wont be boring.

An UN-Standardized Podcast

A Black Ass Podcast for Black Ass nerds. Join Ron from Youdontreadcomics.com as he traverses the diversity between fellow geeks and content creators in the Dorksphere of the Diaspora. Proving that being nerdy, Blerdy, or anything in between doesn’t stop you from being BLACK AS F***

AniBabes Podcast

Join 3 NYC gals Yasmeen, Salma, and Kamora as they dive deep into all things nerd culture. From shounen rankings to dating incels all through the perspective of young, queer, women of color.

AniBae’s Anime

A sassy messy weeby podcast!

AniManga Podcast

Ani-Manga podcast is here to share anime and manga related content. We cover the latest anime shows and manga chapters, speaking to leading influencers who work in the animation world, we dive into the lessons that the anime is trying to teach and anything that you can think of related to anime.

AniMates Podcast

Do you like anime? If so, then This Is Your Podcast! Coming through with the debates, discussions, hot takes and banter.

Anime Academy93

The podcast for any and everything that is anime, I will be discussing random topics and news on the anime world. Class is in session!

Anime Brothaz

The Brothaz (DiscipleDashni, QuietJams, and TySoFly) get together to discuss a wide variety of topics within the anime community. Topics can range from, but are not limited to latest episodes, manga chapters, favorite characters and so on.

Anime Headlinerz

Anime Headlinerz brings you a show like no other, where we dissect, analyse and scrutinise reputable anime/manga characters from various series! Come for the fun, stay for the fandom!

Anime In America

Chronicling the rise of anime and its journey from Japan to Saturday-morning cartoons in America. Western fans have since swarmed to anime…but not without some drama and bloodshed. Crunchyroll presents Anime in America hosted by Yedoye Travis.

Anime Junkies: Three Weebs And A Podcast

Come get your weekly fix of all that is anime and weeb culture. From anime news, games, debates, pop culture and so much more.

Anime Lately

We are four guys who love to watch Anime and read Manga. This podcast is for people who enjoy Anime, Manga, Western Animation, Video Games, Anime Related Movies, and all things that’s related to them.

Anime Podcast Of Some Sort

Covering Anime, Gaming, Cartoons, Art and all of the things anime influenced. While not being afraid to admit that we like it.

Anime Savants

Two living anime encyclopaedias discussing the intricacies of the anime you love while also discussing the latest in anime news.

Anime SHUN

In this weekly Anime Podcast our hosts talk through a new anime every month.

Anime Sundays Podcast

Anime Sundays Podcast is the show where all things Anime and all things Black Nerd culture fuse to bring hilarious adventures to anime lovers at all levels! Join your Hosts @Vicc_Damone_Jr, @BigFreshlySnipes and @PGBam365, 3 brothers that meet up every other Sunday and talk about everything from the latest in anime news and culture, to reviews of your favorite shows and movies. Be a part of the family and join us on our Sunday Sessions where there’s something for every Nerd, Weeb and Waifu. So WAKE UP! It’s time for ANIME SUNDAYZ!

Anime Talk!

Just a guy talking about his favourite Anime, while ranking them using different categories.

Anime Trash

Your friendly neighborhood black girl talking about your fave anime! We discuss the storytelling aspect of anime and its intersection within black and popular culture.

Anime UK

The Anime UK podcast covers all things Anime & Manga. This is a journey to voice the opinions of anime fans in the UK and across the globe. Talking about the latest in seasonal anime and what’s hot in shonen jump. Look out for special episodes that focus on Japanese culture and much much more.

Anime While Black Podcast

Anime from a Black Woman’s Perspective. A podcast and safe space for people who love anime and all things related.

Anime X Nerd

I discuss Anime, Manga and Videogames. My goal is to create a fun podcast, that everyone can enjoy, no matter their age.


Podcast where we discuss and analyze all things anime. We discuss manga and Japanese culture in a very relaxed setting. Welcome to my World!!!

AnimeHipHop Podcast

The bridge between Hip-Hop, Anime & Games. We are a multimedia outlet with multiple outlets of press from Touring to podcasting. 

Animelytical Podcast

A place where anime discourse meets critical thinking, out of the box concepts, and pure fun and jokes.

Anipoke Bros – A Pokemon Anime Podcast

The Anipoke Bros is a podcast series where YouTubers; Lumiose Trainer Zac, Entity Mays & ThePokeRaf discuss the Pokemon Anime! From all of the latest news, the latest episodes, theories & more!

Anisong Talk

A show in which I talk with my friends about about Anime music artists, Seasonal OP/ED, Events in Japan (and sometimes other countries), what anisong fans are up to in general, and more.

ANYTHING. Period Podcast

Welcome to the ANYTHING. Podcast, where we talk about… anything. Period. Recorded straight from a college dorm room, and hosted by two friends with a passion for film, hip hop, anime, and pop culture.

Around The Geek Podcast

A podcast where we talk about Anime, Tokusatsu, Movies, Video Games, TV Shows, and most things Geeky.

Beyond The Botcast

A weekly anime club featuring the hosts of Beyond the Bot, Curt Richy, Cristal Marie, Lovely Dorrie, Y. Chang, and Yedoye Travis.

Black Anime Nerds Podcast

An extension of the Black Anime Nerds Facebook group, listen to the Black Anime Nerds admod team discuss topics related to the anime and manga industry.

Black N’ Animated

An animation podcast to educate, inform and inspire black artists pursuing careers in animation. Hosted by Breana Williams and Waymond Singleton.

Black On Titan

A podcast about the final season of Attack on Titan from a perspective you have yet to hear. Join Chuck and Mikasa as they break down each episode and offer deeper insight and commentary to the series.

Black And Yellow Otaku Gamers Podcast

Welcome to Black and Yellow Otaku Gamers, where we talk about anime simulcasts and video games we are playing.

Black Heroes Podcast

Podcast for Anime lovers of all colors. Hosted by @UnbotheredMike & @Senae_.

Black Nerd On The Low

Black Nerd On The Low (BNTL) is a podcast… I’m joking, please don’t leave! Besides being a podcast, it is a space that we created for all the things that excite us as Black Nerds. From Anime, to Comic Books, to Literature, to Pop Culture, we chop it up! Join us as we share our experiences, aspirations and appreciation of blerd culture.

Black Nerd Planet

Black Nerd Planet consists of hosts, Jordan Carmichael and Marlon Holloway, discussing video games, anime, movies and more in nerd culture.

Black Otaku

Black men talk anime and trash. Guests come by and it’s an all around good time. Anime lovers encouraged to listen, but if anime isn’t your thing you can still have a laugh.

Black Ramen Podcast

Blerd otakus getting together to mess up all assumptions of what you thought was nerdy.

Blacker Than Black Times Infinity

Blacker Than Black Times Infinity, is a podcast hosted by geeks like you. Come listen as we talk about the games we are currently playing and our take on upcoming games we are looking forward to. We cover Comics from all different publishers. We have been Anime fans since the time we were kids and we cover it in-depth. We review Movies and TV shows and give our thoughts.


Ohayo!! On blackweeb pod, you can listen to conversations on anime by a Nigerian weeb.

Blanime Podcast

Podcast for Anime lovers of all colors. Hosted by @UnbotheredMike & @Senae_.

Blaque Koffee Comics

Welcome to Blaque Koffee Comics; wheather youre drinking coffee, tea or something between thier’s always a place here to discuss manga, comics, webtoons and more! So sit back, relax and hang with us for a bit. 

Blerd Buffet

Welcome listeners to the BRAND NEW Blerd Buffet Podcast. We’re Brian & Iriana, a married couple who loves anime and general “nerdy” content.

Blerd Over

Join the Blerd Over crew as we delve into trending topics, gaming news, and all things nerdy, from an African-American perspective.

Blerds R Us

A podcast hosted by two friends from London talking about the wonderful world of nerd culture. We will be mainly reviewing the latest movies, anime and tv series, as well as talking about whatever else comes to mind!

Blerd Survival Guide

A podcast for everything BLERD!!! Come with us on this journey of pop culture and living the fabulous lifestyle of the black nerd!

Blerd Watch Podcast

A Black Nerd podcast where we discuss Movies ,TV shows, Anime, Superheroes and Comic Books. Debates on who will beat who, what movies are the best at what, why anime is so fire and what comic books to check out next. Every geek debate about fiction dopeness will be discussed with nothing being filtered or left off the table , check out the blerd podcast with two young nerds who ain’t gonna fully ever grow up.


BlerdUp presents nerd culture from a BPOV – a Black point of view.

Blxxk Anime Podcast

Five friends with a love for anime, manga, webtoons, and culture getting together and talking about it.

Centaku Media: Anime & Otaku Interests

Centaku Media is a blog: a way to share interests beyond the scope of anime, because I’m in the center of other otaku interests! This is the podcast edition of all things Centaku Media that might have been missed on the blog, as well as providing an alternative format for those who prefer to listen. If this is your mood, please follow along!

CLASH!: The Sibling Rivalry Podcast

Welcome to CLASH!: The Sibling Rivalry Podcast. The weekly show where a pair of black nerd siblings (brother and sister) talk about all things video game, anime, and pop culture related.

Colored Folk & Anime

A podcast where a group of friends talk about Anime from a colorful perspective.

Cool Concept

Mikel and Friends Talk about Anime, Movies, Video Games, Interviews and MORE On the “Cool Concept Podcast” talking about it.

Comics Code UH-thority Podcast

We are the Comics Code UH-Thority Podcast. Tune in for Weekly Comic Book discussion…with FLAVOR!!!

Crunchy Cast

Crunchycast is an every-other-week video/audio podcast talking all things anime!

Dad Needs To Talk

A father, husband, MasterMind and nerd sharing stories of life experiences and the things I love. Games, anime, manga, my kids and anything else that has my interest. This podcast is also a way to give me a creative outlet to clear my mind and help me cope with life obstacles.

Dragonball Super Dope

We talk about Dragon Ball stuff.

Did You Have To?

A podcast all about the badaptations of your favorite anime. We’re a bi-weekly podcast where our hosts, LaNeysha and Kate, look at the long road of live action anime adaptions and ask the creators, did you have to?

Elevated Impressions

Take a journey with Shawn and Kal on their podcast exploring pop, and nerd culture. From show reviews to deep theoretical discussions, nothing is off limits. Look forward to a regular dose of drama, enlightenment, antics and occasional guest appearances. Elevated Impressions is published every week.

Emerald Expressions

Just a few musings on topics that interest me and I feel deserve a deeper dive.


The Enigmas discuss anime, western animation, music, movies, wrestling, and world events. Look into the unknown and solve the enigmas. Solve those Enigmas. Don’t leave ’em unsolved. 

Geek Giant Podcast

Welcome to the funniest anime podcast on the internet. Catch us every week and follow us @geekgiantpodcast!!!

Geek WRLD Podcast

Hello! Welcome to the Geek WRLD Podcast; where we talk about Comic Books, Anime, Video Games, Cartoons, Pop Culture and so much more! If you have love for Entertainment and Geek Culture become a supporter and join the movement!

Geeked Up

Geeked Up is the result of when a cosplaying lawyer and a Jackson Ju Dj, hang out and discuss all things related to geek culture and nerd life. As your favorite down south geeks we will bring you dope entertainment that you won’t want to miss.

Geekset Podcast

The only podcast that blends Hip-Hop Culture & Geek Culture together in one place. 4 Hip-Hop heads (Bacardi, Deuces, Didge & Lib) from Milwaukee sit down to give you their take on Geek Culture. Everything from Comics, Video Games, Anime, Comic Book Movies, News, Reviews & More.

Get In The Mecha

Anime and manga are two extraordinary and complex things. Each week, join Jamal, an enthusiast of anime and manga, as he embarks or his wacky overly-analytical journey through various story arcs, opening songs and game-changing moments with the aim of trying to make sense of it all.

Getting Animated

Hosted by Destiny Senpai, the “Getting Animated” podcast, is a weekly show that goes over Anime News, Topics and of course, Fangirling.

Giant Shooty Robots!

A podcast about Gundam, Super Robots and everything in between! Hosted by Ash Beardguy and SentaiFive! #AllMechaAllTheTime

Good Friends Anime Club!

An animanga podcast featuring four friends that focus on both older titles and currently airing/publishing animanga. We also touch on industry news, new releases, and social topics. Each episode we focus on a different theme. Join us bi-weekly for friendly and inclusive conversation about topics that would get us shoved in a locker!

Gundam Book Club

Gundam Book Club is in its second season. Last season we covered Gundam Sentinel which was a limited-run podcast series that will put a spotlight on the side story created by Japanese magazine Hobby Japan in the late 1980s. This was later made into the novel “Alice’s Confession” that was written by Masaya Takahashi in 1990. Gundam Sentinel is set in the Universal Century timeline of Mobile Suit Gundam between Zeta Gundam and ZZ Gundam. Season 2 will look at the 1988 manga by Kazuhisa Kondo “Revival of Zeon” set in UC 0092.

Gundamn! @ MAHQ

Launched in October 2007, the Gundamn! podcast covers all things related to Gundam and mecha anime in general. Reviews, discussions, and special guests… it’s all fair game.

Hip Hop And Anime Vibes Podcast

Each week, DTown delivers his unfiltered views on everything from seasonal anime that you should be watching to the latest hip hop news you should know about. You are in for a wild experience when these 2 worlds merge.

Huey T Chronicles Podcast

This is a podcast where I talk anime (new and old) for those needing something new to watch or welcoming a new fan to their favorite show. Also discuss importance of mental health at times.

Hunters Association

Weekly Solo Leveling (Webtoon), Tower of God, The God of Highschool, Noblesse, and Hardcore Leveling Warrior current chapter review and analysis.

Inside The Mind Of A Blerd

Just a bunch of friends podcasting every Wednesday about all things nerdy. Tune in on Sundays for daddy daughter anime talk with Skylar the Child Prodigy.

Kame House Party

The only improv comedy Dragon Ball podcast in the universe wherein Vince White and Aaron J. Shelton attempt the ridiculous task of watching every episode and iteration of the franchise.

Kame House Podcast

Join Bilal, Krystle and Ren, for their weekly podcast covering anime from a black perspective.

Kickback Anime Discussion Podcast

A chill podcast where RTLFAITH, SQUIDTHECYNIC and JOHNNY LET’S TALK ANIME, talk with other individuals about different anime topics and have interesting conversations.

L.A.N Party Podcast

We are L.A.N party, a podcast from NYC for Gamers, Otakus, and Comic book fans alike. We like to give real honest talk on the gaming/nerd culture from a different perspective, the New York City perspective.

Manga In Your Ears

The Manga in Your Ears podcast is hosted by Kory, Helen, and Apryll where they talk about one already completed manga and one recently completed or currently running manga biweekly.

Manga x Manga Podcast

The word ‘unknown’ holds magic. If you’re an anime and/or manga lover, then the Manga x Manga Podcast is the perfect podcast for you. Join your host Michael as he discusses news in the anime world, some of his personal favorite picks and stories, and goes behind the scenes with special guest animators and artists. #MangaxMangaPod

Mayonaka Mixer

Join your Bartenders: Black, Steve, & Crystal as they serve up all your anime needs. New into anime? A grizzled vet? The Mixer has something for you! 

Melanin Animated Podcast

The Melanin Animated Podcast is strictly for teaching, learning, and discussing the rights and wrongs in the animation industry. Doing so, podcast hosts: Kyla (CEO) & Imani (Editor) will give their honest review that pertains to anything animation. While proving black girls do indeed watch cartoons!

Melanin Squared

Welcome to Melanin Squared, the podcast where Geek Girl Culture meets Black Girl Magic. Join hosts Coco and Marrista as they talk anime, travel, and all things nerdy.

Mic Check, Waifu, Waifu!

Mic Check, Waifu, Waifu! Two brothers discussing their favorite stories, characters, and moments in anime, so tune in and enjoy the ride

MobCast Mafia Anime

ANIME PODCAST! With OG .. Block Lee & Cel Senpai Literally one of the most entertaining podcasts out, we chill, we laugh, we vibe .. so come through and chill with the Mafioso


Otaku Pirate Radio! A married couple talk a lotta shit, watch a lot of Anime, & read a lot of Manga.

My Anime List Gets Longer Everyday

Two blerds banter back and forth about one of them having chicken legs, while somehow trying to discuss what’s trending in anime and manga, classic anime shows, and sharing the hype and the feels from our favorite Japanese animated shows.