Nerding Out With Chelsea

Are you a fan of anime, manga, and nerd culture? Then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Nerding out with Chelsea! An avid nerd who loves to fangirl and bring up issues with respective nerd groups. Every Wednesday at 5AM.

Nerding With Friends

Nerding out is better with friends. Join us for discussions on all things anime, comics, movies, sports, and other topics to be discussed among friends.

Nerds And Cool Kids Podcast

Just a bunch of real G’z who love Nerd stuff. Comics, Anime, Gaming, Sci-fi & Movies.

Nerds On Hip-Hop

A monthly podcast by @TheWolvesDen & @victorialjohnson about hip-hop and nerdom (anime, comic books, video games & K-dramas).

Neshia’s Journal

A podcast dedicated to my thoughts and love for Anime.

Never Believe It

This is a podcast in which we search for the greater truth – the Narutruth – within the blasphemous media property known as Naruto. Each episode we watch an episode of Naruto “filler” and figure what this show is really about.

Nostalgia, Plus Ultra Podcast

Welcome to the Nostalgia, Plus Ultra Podcast! Just two dudes nerding out over our favorite things: Anime, Video Games, TV, Music, and More!

Operation Gundam History!

Operation Gundam History is a podcast that serves as a guide and history of the universe that is Mobile Suit Gundam. Gundam is a franchise that has been around for over 40 years. It has propelled itself to be not only an influence in science-fiction media, the ‘brand’ is considered iconic and the de facto mecha anime. In fact, you may not have watched it but you would likely recognize the original Mobile Suit if you saw it.

Otaku Boujee Podcast

A podcast that talks about all things Nerdy. For the Nerd and Nerd at heart.

Otaku Boys

The Official Anime and Hip Hop Podcast for Otaku Boys+Girls around the Globe. Tune in for amazing content and updates on pop culture and anime news.

Otaku’s Delight

A podcast for all things Anime! Listen to your hosts review shows, debate controversial topics, and discuss what’s new in the world of Anime!

Otaku Observer

A single person podcast with the occasional guest speaker talking about anime and highlighting shows that aren’t as popular or discussed.

Out The Ether

We watch and discuss obscure anime.

Outlaw Barz

Anime focused show hosted by black women: DeadlyDiva, SimplySope & Bruja Banton.

Pallet Town Vets

Two Pokemon fans navigating all things Pokemon. Hop on this journey of rants, laughs, and plenty of gameplay.

Past, Present And Future Anime Talk

Our podcast is all about everything that has to do with anime; whether it be food, music, shows or just general people! We’re the ones you want to vibe with! This is your safe place!

Project: M.A.N.G.A. Podcast

Project: MANGA is a team of 3 anime and manga enthusiasts(Eagle, Kicko, and Noxi) that started a weekly, shounen-centric manga podcast that covers the current events in 7 of the hottest manga titles coming out of Weekly Shonen Jump for review and analysis. They also pepper in the occasional “tie-in” episode, where they discuss random anime and manga related topics for more casual audiences.

Project: W.E.B.T.O.O.N. Podcast

A bi-weekly podcast with topical discussions and debate on the latest chapters of our favorite webtoons and manwha.

Rai’s Corner

I talk about life, good vibes, and my love for otakus, and weeaboos, movies, TV shows, pop culture and more!

Religiously Nerdy

We are Religiously Nerdy! Just 3 Muslim nerds who want to talk to you about Anime, Manga, Books, and religion!


Raysean Gadson Anime Podcast. On this podcast I will be discussing everything anime!! From new releases to older releases! I will be doing weekly reviews on anime and manga and also will be discussing theory and also answering many fandom questions.

Rhythm & Blerds

Come play a little game of ping pong with us as we discuss a wide variety of topics, from music to gaming, anime, politics, and anything else we find interesting.

Rob J Rambles

The random ramblings of a Blerd obsessed with all things nerdy. Join me on my audio journey as I navigate through Anime, Movies, TV Shows and just life in general.

Sailor Moon Fan Club

In each episode, Victoria L. Johnson (@missoldskool) interviews incredible fans of the popular 90s anime and manga including bestselling authors, indie comic book and manga creators, influencers, musicians, and more.

Saturday FM

The official Podcast for Saturday AM, Saturday PM and the global diverse manga comics movement started by the gang in 2013. We cover geek culture and get into the struggles & victories of self-publishing in the digital age.

Sector V Podcast

The Sector V podcast is a group of friends from all over the United States coming together to have discussions and debate all kinds of topics like anime, music, film, pop culture etc.

Shi Anime Podcast

What happens when you put four friends together who like to watch way too much anime and like to talk way too much? You get a podcast where all we talk about is anime; breaking down the anime seasons, diving deep into popular shows, delving into our favourite worlds, tackling under discussed topics, and so much more.

Shounen Chumps

Welcome to the Shounen Chumps Podcast! A comedy podcast hosted by black and/or queer nerds! We discuss current and classic anime, Marvel, DC, Avatar, and all things generally nerdy!

Souler Scouts

Your new favourite podcast fronted by two Black Women, who talk about all things Gaming, Anime and everything in their nerdy hearts!

Spicy Lady Talks

Come join Spicy Lady Talks as we talk about everything “Spicy” in blerd entertainment.

Stanning While Black

Stanning While Black is a weekly podcast discussing Black experiences in fandom, hosted by Ashley Briggs. We have episodes about Anime, Manga, Comics and more.

Strange Quirk for Anime Podcast

Strange Keith & Quirky Jerk talk anime, its growth in pop culture, and the Black experience. Look forward to special discussions, reviews, guests, and more as we dive into the world of anime through the scope of people of color.

Suuuper Anime Podcast

The Suuuper Anime Podcast is a show that looks to entertain, inspire and inform you about anime. We provide our opinion and thoughts on various anime topics, as well as look at it from a real-world perspective on what we can learn from anime. Whether you’re new to anime or a seasoned veteran, we invite you to come listen, share and laugh with us :-). We hope every episode ignites your otaku spirit and leaves YOU feeling SUUUPER!

Taku Table

Welcome to Taku Table, where two otakus, Yami and Yuzu, sit down at a table and talk about anime and manga and other nerd stuff. Come chill! We only flame sometimes.

Talk Blerdy To Me

Ever wondered what the Blerdy girls around you think about your favorite nerd stuff? Well, we’re not them but you can at least hear the opinions of two random Black chicks on the internet!

Talk Anime Podcast

Two young Black British men discussing and tackling important anime issues!

Talk No Jutsu

Three opinionated individuals sit down and dissect the many elements of animation, manga and more!

Texas Kaizoku

Texas Kaizoku Podcast is about the progress of my individuality while sailing through life. Expressing personal philosophy as a compass to guide and anime as the crew to support my ideals and experiences. Discussions with others will test ours and your unique beliefs as old and new worlds are discovered. Allow yourself to travel uncharted lands within your psyche to create your own treasure map to the best treasure of all: You.

Tha Storm Podcast

Tune in for Hiphop, Anime, Comedy, and everything in between!


Konichiwa!!!!!!!!! Welcome to Tha SYP where you quench your thirst for all things anime, movies, tv-series, gaming and things the host thinks is topical hopefully you enjoy the bumpy ride you are about to embark on because it’s about to be some madness.


A group of [REDACTED] coming to you to discuss nerd culture: from Anime, Comics to Movies & Sports; while also sprinkling in a few useless tips and tricks here and there.

The 3 Episode Rule – An Anime Podcast

The 3 Episode Rule is an anime podcast that matches anime newbies with anime superfans to discuss the first three episodes from a series neither have seen before! Listeners can expect The 3 Episode Rule to cover a wide range of anime genres, including, but not limited to: horror, action, romance, & comedy, in Season One.

The AfrOtaku Podcast

The Podcast about Anime, Manga, and Everything else.

The AK Mindset Podcast

Mandem from the UK, that talk about everything on our mind, which just happens to be anime and manga most of the time.

The Animatics Podcast

Anime + Fanatic = ANIMATICS. Just 5 girls from London talking about anime.

The Anime Anbu

When fans of anime/manga are tired of reviewers and podcasters sugarcoating what they should really say they call us to do the dirty work and give the FACTS! We are The Anbu.

The Anime Freshmen Podcast

Join us as we get together on our bi-weekly episodic podcast which brings you our fresh take on the medium that is anime. Whether you are a seasoned fan or an anime freshman, we have you covered. Sit back, enjoy and keep it fresh!

The Anime Tea

The Anime Tea podcast rants and raves over the best worst and everything in between in Anime and Animation!

The Anime-Niacs Podcast

What’s Good Anime-Niacs? Welcome to our Podcast! Tune in as Pooch, Jordan, Tazz, Ash and Trey discuss and debate Anime, Manga and Superhero Universes. Join in on the convo and funny ass banter that is sure to follow!

The Animigos Podcast

Love Anime, Manga or Comics? This is the Podcast for you. Listen to our thoughts and views about these topics.

The Barhat Podcast

Join Roronoa Ray, Soul King Rickey and Monkey D Lucky on an adventure through the current anime season along with some of your favorite classics and weekly discussions and recommendations!

The Blerd Corner

The Blerd Corner will discuss various topics important to the nerd community and give insight to the Urban Nerd mind. Nothing is off limits to us, stay tuned!

The Blerd Spectrum

Umbral Starcade Presents: “The Blerd Spectrum”; a podcast that explores the diverse opinions of Black nerds across various genres, platforms, and concentrations in space devoted to expanding the conversations and ideas in the Black Nerd community.

The Blerd Spot Podcast

The Blerspot Podcast is for those who have a similar interest in anime, music, movies, sports, and television.

The Blerds

We are the black nerds with The Word! Listen to us for thoughts on various works in pop culture including comics, manga, anime, movies and so much more!

The Cells & Circuits Podcast

Join technology and animation enthusiast Chibueze Anakor as he hosts The Cels & Circuits Podcast, a podcast about animation, technology, and where both subjects intersect.

The Couch Bro’s Podcast

Four Bros(sometimes) hang out on a couch and argue about sports, anime, and whatever randomness that pops in our heads. Enjoy the ride.

The Dark Weeb

Comedians and weeb-adjacent homies Cody Ziglar & Brodie Reed kick back each week & cover a favorite nerdy pop-culture interest; anime, manga, video games, and everything in between.

The Elijah Bailey Show

Best friends, fellow blerds, gamers, streamers and all around good guys, Elijah (5000) Bailey and Richard (The Buckity) Taplin, sit down each week to discuss what’s happening in gaming, comics, anime, film & much more.

The Good Kulture Podcast

Welcome to The Good Kulture Podcast, bringing you good vibes, good times, and good conversation about all of your favourite nerd and otaku topics.

The Home For Anime

Welcome to the home for anime! This is a place where all anime fans can come and feel like they belong. Just sit back and listen to host Callie talk about different anime, manga and light novels.

The Lookout On RNC RADIO

Welcome to The Lookout on RNC RADIO, home of The Lookout Podcast, Mt. Silver Podcast, The Big Eyes Podcast and all other content exploring anime.

The Mojo Dojo Show

Reflection of Randomness. I dive into life questions spanning from creation to wherever we end up. Sports, life philosophy, anime, gaming, movies, cooking recipes , the possibilities are endless! We shall see what type of mood I am in today.

The N-Erd Council

The Nerd Council is one of the UK’s most prominent Black podcasts and online platforms specialising in film/TV, gaming, comics and anime. Created in with the aim to build and bring the nerd community together, The Nerd Council challenges typical convention of what it means to be a Nerd in modern times, whilst celebrating all the brilliant things Nerds enjoy. Catch new episodes twice a month!

The Nerd Alternative

A Black British podcast taking a weird and wonderful look into the vast expanse of Nerdom; from Anime, Books and Movies, to TV, we cover it all!

The OjiFanboys

Join hosts, Rick and Calvin, two weeb-esque New Yorkers who came together to discuss something they’ve been passionate about their whole lives… anime. Whether you’re a newbie or otaku, this is the podcast for you!

The Opinion League

We all have our opinions. Listen to Al aka Mr. 10/10, Rob aka Big Rob, and Te’ aka a lot of things as we talk about movies, anime, pop culture, comics and manga.

The POWER-UP! Podcast

LONDON’S GREATEST!! Anime/Manga/Gaming Podcast discussing the fantastic world of these characters, the story’s concept and experience. Get involved in our deep discussions and enjoy the waves!

The Space Runaway Podcast

Just a bunch of nerdy, black guys discussing topics on anime, video games, comics, and everything in between.

The Spicy Ramen Podcast

The Spicy Ramen Podcast is all about Anime and Manga. The people you hear on this podcast are die hard Black Otaku who have finally gotten a chance to have a conversation about what they love. Updates on popular Anime, some news, and interviews with interesting artists who love anime as much as we do! Hope you love to listen as we go #KeepItSpicy!

The Square Round Table Podcast

Comics, Anime, Science and everything in between!

The Vibe Dojo

A podcast centered around Anime and Hip-Hop.

The Well Spoken Token

A topical podcast with a twist, The Well Spoken Token brings in talk of everything from hip hop and anime to news and personal story-telling.

The Wonder Of Anime

The Wonder Of Anime Podcast, is a weekly sometimes biweekly, look at anime with the host, Lisa.

The Yoku Masaki Show

Take a Cat-Eared Hat Wearing Nerd with a Microphone and Give him a show about the Nerdy Stuff he loves, Comics, Music, Movies, Games and More, give him guests, and you have a one of a kind Radio Podcast that Brings you to the edge of a different type of chatterbox for your eardrums.

This Week In Nerd News

Welcome to This Week In Nerd News, your one-stop shop for all the diverse pop-culture news from the past week.

Time Skip Podcast

A weekly podcast where friends Corey Reid and Kingsley Nlewedim deep dive into their favorite anime, video games, movies and pop culture events.

Toon Lore Done Right: A Black Cartoon, Anime And Animation Podcast

In each episode of Toon Lore Done Right (TLDR), host David Devine Hughes takes a film, tv show, character, or concept in animation to give you a brief yet detailed history on it. As a blerd, anime fan and student of all things animation, David sparks discussion while giving his personal insight in this bi-weekly show.


Podcast by two friends about anime and manga for anime and manga lovers. We’ll break down and go over our favorite anime and manga’s both new and old. Please join us if you’re a fan of new or old anime and manga or if you’re just interested in having a good time.

Trap Anime

This is “The Real Anime Podcast” aka “TRAP Anime” Bringing trap to anime giving you real opinions and real laughs if you love anime this is the podcast for you if you love Trap culture this is the podcast for you hosted by Strongarm, tockenday and Capt Curt we are black owned and operated.


TrapDragon-Z is a podcast focused primarily on Dragonball content and Blerd culture from Popular Anime, and Games to Movies and Music; it’s your one stop shop for everything you could enjoy. This takes the form of Rants and Theories, to Interviews and Discussions. If you’re a fan of trap music the nerd culture then you’re right where you need to be! So tune in!

Two Blerd Girls

Two Blerd (Black Nerd) friends talking about Movies, Tv, Comics, History, and everything in between.

Two Nigerian Senpais

Conversation between two Nigerian friends that covers a range of topics; from anime to music to movies and the occasional pop culture gossip.

Undisputed Anime

A Podcast were we will journey into everything Manga and Anime!


Hello and welcome to our podcast. Here we will discuss game and anime news, reviews, general ongoings in the communities and attempt to get closer to anime viewers at large. We will rant, we will cry, we will say gomen nasai, but we hope you join us in being wanna-be-aboos. 

We Are All Piccolo

Welcome to We Are All Piccolo a podcast where we create conversations around Japanese media, particularly anime, through a Black American lens.


Weekly discussion on the world’s most popular and not so popular anime and manga! Topics range from dubbing/subbing, to anime’s cultural effects and the very best animanga reviews around!

WeebTrash Podcast

Welcome to the WeebTrash Podcast, where we break down the culture of anime and manga with current events, conspiracy theories, rants, and our points of view on everything poppin’ in the Weebverse.

Wild, Weird & Witchy Podcast

Welcome to my Coven where I create my own magic! I discuss Anime, TV shows, Movies, Mental Health, Astrology, Witchcraft, Personal Life Experiences, Yoga, Pregnancy + so much more. 

Worst Generation Podcast

The Worst Generation Podcast is an anime and manga podcast released once per week for trash-talking intellectuals, hosted by GB and his crewmates. It covers anime and manga based topics through the voices of opinionated, intensely passionate black anime and manga fans.